Association of Public Health Laboratories

Dedicated to a healthier world through quality laboratory practice. The mission of APHL is to promote the role of public health laboratories in support of national and global objectives, and to promote policies and programs which assure continuous improvement in the quality of laboratory practices. APHL works collaboratively with its members and others to reach common goals in pursuit of this mission.

Kansas Association of Local Health Departments

The Kansas Association of Local Health Departments is dedicated to strengthening local health departments for the purpose of improving and protecting the health of all Kansans.

Kansas Health Foundation

A private philanthropy based in Wichita. whose mission is to improve the health of all Kansans, with funding categories in Children’s health, leadership, and public health.

Kansas Health Institute

An independent, non-profit health policy and research organization based in Topeka, Kansas. KHI was established in 1995 with a multi-year grant from the Kansas Health Foundation. Their mission is to conduct research and policy analysis on issues that affect the health of Kansans and to communicate that information so that informed decisions can be made which optimize our health

Public Health Informatics Institute

The Public Health Informatics Institute advances the ability of public health practitioners - including health department leaders, chief information officers, and program managers - to strategically apply and manage health information systems that can improve public health capacity and effectiveness, and ultimately, improve the public’s health. Major innovative initiatives of the Institute are supported by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.