Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Progress Who?

A: Progress is the name of the Software Development and Database Tool used by PHClinic. For a detailed explanation of it, please go here.

Q: When can I get the PHClinic software installed?

A: The process of acquiring our software begins with a site survey. Contact us at 1-877-905-4747 (toll free).

Q: Who benefits from the PHClinic software?

A: Everybody, we hope, but mainly the health departments that will be using the software. So many designs and implementations these days focus on the state level or just add more duties onto the already busy clerks running the health departments. Our goal is to make our software a tool for the clerks, that will also supply the needed information at the managerial and state levels without any unnecessary work.

Q: What are the different releases and when do they come out?

A: Our releases are classified as follows:

Major - These are large changes to the look/feel of the software, as well as database changes that are needed to enhance or add new functionality to the system.

Minor - Contain smaller enhancements or additions, especially those that don’t require changes to the database structure.

The release number represents what type of release it is. It can be broken down as: (Revision.Major.Minor.Mini).